Since 1996, Bridal Show Producers International (BPSI) has been dedicated to helping its members produce professional bridal shows around the world.



The BSPi board of directors is a dynamic group of 13 professionals comprising the heart of the association. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the bridal show industry aligns to form the most inspiring leadership team.



BSPi members produce some of the world’s largest shows, as well as boutique events. From convention centers to hotel ballrooms and everywhere in between, our producers know how to attract wedding planning couples.



If you produce bridal shows, exhibit at bridal shows on a national basis, or provide a product or service to bridal shows, joining BSPI is a great idea.



All BSPi members can attend our BSPI 2014 Conference on 5/1/2014 - 5/3/2014 at The Westin Beach Resort and Spa. This 3-day event infuses creativity, provides business brainstorming, and outlines the best practices for bridal show producers and industry professionals. Explore Fort Lauderdale, our 2014 conference site, visit HELLO SUNNY!



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