Tips for attending a bridal show:

    • Be prepared to wait in line to register. Be patient! This is well worth it.
    • Bring preprinted self-adhesive address labels if you have them. This will save you much time and allow you to sign up for anything you want very quickly.
    • Bring a pen and print very clearly when registering for anything.
    • Bring your checkbook or a credit card if you want to book any services on the day of show, or hold dates with a deposit. Be sure to check on refund policies before giving any money, and read the contract carefully before signing.
    • Collect information you are interested in - take it home to look over again when you have some quiet time.
    • If you are out of town, send your mother or friend to register you for prizes and collect information on services you need.
    • Be prepared to wear a "Bride-to-be" sticker to receive special attention from the vendors.
    • The later fashion show time are generally less crowded.
    • It is nice if your fiancé attends with you IF he is interested. About 30% do attend, so he isn't the only one there!
    • Arrive at least one hour prior to the fashion show time that you want to see. Seating is usually first come-first served.
    Special thanks to Dan Cavanaugh of Bride Show Inc. for these great tips.